Quotent Quotables for 500 please, Alex?

XANDER: Giles lived for school. He's still bitter there were only twelve grades.
BUFFY: He probably sat in math class thinking, "There should be more math! This could be mathier!"
WILLOW: Come on. You don't think he ever got restless as a kid?
BUFFY: Are you kidding? His diapers were tweed.

(from the episode, "The Dark Ages")

Ah, classic Buffy. How I miss thee before the shiny haired sister from hell popped up out of nowhere.
baby's black balloon makes her fly

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I'm taking doodle requests for the duration of Blogathon, just comment here!

This is multi-fandom, but I'm only doing fandoms I know really well sorry. D: I do Harry Potter, Good Omens, Hitchhiker's Guide, Venture Brothers, Anne Rice, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Request away!

Ficlet: Black, Red and Gold [Doctor Who, G]

Title: Black, Gold and Red.
Author: soulstar (Fic archived at soulstarsinger and Diavolo Nero.)
Rating: G
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters / Pairing: Lucy Saxon, Lucy/Master.
Disclaimer: Doctor Who belongs to Auntie Beeb and possibly some other people who aren't me.
Spoilers: Up to 3x13: The Last Of the Time Lords.
Word Count: 191
Summary: Lucy Saxon dresses appropriately for every occasion.

This is my response to lady1raven's prompt.

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So while I'm at work...

(and for background, I work as a security guard at a public library)

I'm starting to wish that things like fan fiction, at least the really good ones, were actually bound and sold. Because it would make my slow shifts SO much better.


Harry Potter fandom meta/fic prompt:

Fic: Write the offscreen (offpage?) moment you feel exemplifies a character's personality as a member of their House. (e.g, write the moment where Luna Lovegood is at her cleverest, showing that she really belongs in Ravenclaw)

Meta: Write a short essay about the char of your choice and what qualities they have that makes you think they belong in their House.

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